Construction Zone

It’s all about the math! Construction play, no matter what the scale, offers many mental challenges to do with measurement, symmetry, equality, balance, shape, spatial relationships and physical properties. Playing at construction, children are doing math.


  • Create structures from large blocks
  • Create a maze on the ball walls
  • Knock down the walls and rebuild them
  • Design your own rooms in the doll’s house
  • Use the crane and raise the building blocks


  • Discover our Eco Story by using the touchscreen computer. Are you brave enough to test your knowledge with our quiz?
  • Experience the different properties of objects and materials, quantity, size and shape


  • Grab a hard hat and vest and pretend to be a builder. You have one minute to complete this brick wall - can you do it?
  • Who lives in the doll’s house? What lives do they have? Can you create their story?

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