Doll's House

The Imaginosity Doll’s House is a large wooden house with many open, easily accessible rooms that sits in our Construction Zone area. The house is suitable for boys and girls, and children of all ages. Baskets and bins tuck in beneath the doll house rooms, and are filled with simple and sturdy doll house furniture, people, and props that can be used for imaginative and sensory play. Even the flooring and wall-covering is interchangeable for each room, so children can try their hands at some junior interior design!


  • Open the doors and see which room is inside. Is it the bathroom or the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room?
  • Make a friend or play with your brother and sister and become different characters in the house; the sister, mummy, dog etc.
  • Move the furniture and other props about from room to room.


  • How many rooms can you count?
  • Can you turn the lights on and off using the light switches?
  • The different types of wall-coverings and flooring that can be used throughout the house.
  • Which is the biggest room and which is the smallest?


  • You are the mummy or daddy in the house. What chores or activities do you have to do everyday; making breakfast for the family, cleaning the living room or bathroom, putting the children to bed.
  • Giving the baby a bath before bed-time.
  • Setting the table and calling everyone to the kitchen in time for dinner.


Playing with a dollhouse or dolls allows your child to reenact what happens in their everyday life, using the words and phrases she hears. You are likely to hear your own words come out of their mouth as they recreate events that have happened, perhaps with an outcome more suited to their liking!

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