Dr Apple-a-day’s Surgery

The Dr. Apple-a-day's Office is a bright friendly, comfrotable area where visitors can learn about the importance of exercise and keeping fit; race on exercise bikes and see what happens to your body! Figure out how much you weigh and how many litres of water are in your body.  Interact with an exciting body and bones interactive; use a stethoscope to hear your heart beat and fix aliments with bandages, slings and casts. Use the light box to check out X rays and lie on the bed and try to see the skeleton.


  • Feed and change the baby dolls
  • Look for breaks on our X-ray machine
  • Use the doctor kits to check your patient's pulse
  • Lie on the bed and press the button. What's above you?


  • Discover how quickly your heart beats by placing your hands on the drum
  • Pick an x-ray and use the light box to discover the differences between all the bones
  • Find how many skeletons there are in the doctor’s office


  • Try on a costume and get ready to take on the role of a Doctor or Nurse
  • You are a patient - what symptoms are you suffering from?
  • Get ready to ride on the bikes - will you be the champion?


Role playing in this area can help ease any worries that children may have about visiting the doctor or the hospital. The body parts mural on the wall is a great way to introduce children to the inner workings of their bodies. A great game to play in this exhibit is to test the child's heartbeat on the drum, race them on the bike and then test their heartbeat again. Exercise increases your heartbeat and this is a great visual way to explain this information.

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Monday: 1.30-5.30pm

Tues - Fri: 9.30-5.30pm

Sat & Sun: 10.00-6.00pm

Bank Holidays: 9.30-5.30pm

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