A very warm welcome to Blog-osity, a place to stimulate ideas, share your thoughts and devour masses of fabulous, entertaining and most importantly educational information. 

My name is Jennifer Bohan and I am the General Manager at Imaginosity. I am super excited to welcome you to our new adventure into blogging and hope you will support, engage and most importantly grow with your children through this incredible medium.

We are launching and hosting this blog from the Imaginosity website, so along with tapping into our informational overload on parenting, education and the health and well-being of our kids, we’ll also be offering fun things to do at home and also a behind the scenes look at the museum, all shared by our very talented and professional staff and advocates.

The most important element and of course the thing closest to our hearts and always on our minds are the children and at Imaginosity we aim to nurture their innate sense of fun, foster their love of learning and educate them through play. We at Imaginosity believe whole-heartedly in the philosophy of children’s museums around the world. We believe that discovery led learning is a key element of childhood and we believe it is imperative to provide a secure place for children and adults to experience open-ended play together.  Children’s Museums in general combine learning with fun, discovery with play and always aim to engage children and adults, together with interactive hands-on exhibits as their vehicle for the basics of play, creativity, imagination and education.

It may not be widely known, but the name ‘Imaginosity’ originated from the mixing of the words Imagination and Curiosity, both of which are fundamental to what we try to achieve on a daily basis. When children arrive through our doors, their imagination drives them to play. Imaginosity is a place where they can be crazy and inventive, where their play is unhindered. Children hold nothing back – they have the ability to see the world both as it is and as they want it to be, they also say it as they see it, no matter which way they’re looking at it! The funny thing is that their view point changes with every visit to Imaginosity, as does their creative output and imaginative input. We have had the pleasure of watching many families grow with Imaginosity through their family memberships and there has been no greater pleasure. 

“Imagination is the golden-eyed monster that never sleeps. It must be fed; it cannot be ignored.” - Patricia A. McKillip.  -  And at Imaginosity we strive to feed this monster, till it bursts!