We love to make a special fuss of our Mums and Grannies when Mother's Day comes along each year. Here, Imaginosity's friends, brother and sister Ethan and Zarah Cassidy tell us why they love their Mum. Remember that Mums, Grannies, Mammies, Nanas, Mothers and Grandmas GO FREE this Sunday at Imaginosity, as we celebrate this special day. We're hosting special Mother's Day-themed activities throughout the day such as 'Baskets of Love for Mum' art workshops and 'My Mum is fabulous' story-time sessions. Check our on-line calendar for times and details.


Hello my name is Ethan Cassidy and I'm 10 years old and you're in my part of the blog and I'm writing about Mothers day.

Mothers are sweet , supportful and can always keep a secret (not like Dads Ughh Dads!) I love my mum because she's the only one I can Trust beside Jesus , God, my best friends Danny and Sean and all the fairys and saints, ok so yeah you get the message. Be thankful for your mum even if she ate your food, broke your toy or hated her for something , just think of all the things she has done for you. So if you have a mother or not, just remember all the things she has done for you so say thanks, make a card or buy a present or just say you Love her. So to every mum in the world Happy Mothers Day.


Zarah Cassidy

Top eight things to do for Mothers Day

· Do your bed

· Wash your own clothes

· Eat all your food

· Make sure your Dad makes the food

· Try not to bother her that much

· Make her cards and breakfast on Mothers Day and give her everything

· Say nice things about her

· Give her lots of hugs and kisses

If you do all that your Mom and Dad might give you a trip to Imaginosity. You can play and read, do drama and art!

So you should take this advice as its really good! There is even a little toy place. You might win some competition, Good Luck!

One more thing HAVE FUN DOING IT!