School Tours Rebeccas Blog

2013 was our busiest year yet for school tours as we welcomed over 10,000 school and preschool visitors. Our 'School Tour Season' as we affectionately term May and June at Imaginosity was super busy with over 7,000 visitors.

So what makes Imaginosity such a popular school tour venue? During 'School Tour Season' the answer would definitely be our exhibits! Imaginosity's exhibits are designed to be educational, inclusive, imaginative, empowering and plain old-fashioned fun. A school tour at Imaginosity encourages the children to role play, share, take risks in a safe environment, interact in new and exciting ways, learn about the world around them and allows children to learn at their own pace in their own way. In essence, our exhibits celebrate the power of play and champions a 'discovery-led' learning model which is at the heart of all children's museums.

So whether children are playing shop in the supermarket, building a wall in the construction zone or putting on a play in the theatre, the curriculum linked exhibits bring the children on a journey from curiosity to discovery.

But Imaginosity is more than just its exhibits. We also run, outside of 'School Tour Season', a whole host of curriculum linked workshops. As a Discover Science Centre we place a huge emphasis on taking part in the national weeks of Science, Engineering and Maths and create multi discipline workshops that celebrate the sciences.

As Education Development Manager, my workshop highlights of last year were our performance based 'Fairy Tale Maths Quest' where children used maths skills to solve the dilemmas of their favourite fairy-tale characters, and the 'Box Monsters' workshop for Engineering Week, which allowed the children to make and design a whole army of box monsters. On top of this we also developed a curriculum-linked 'Music Week' as well as a 'Going on a Bear Hunt Week' for Preschools.Imaginosity's workshops reflect the Imaginosity philosophy of inclusivity while appealing to different styles and abilities of learning.

The final reason for our success as a school tour venue: our visitors! Children create their own stories and memories when they visit Imaginosity.

Much like a cardboard box Imaginosity becomes a wizards cavern, a pirate ship, the local village or a rocket ship. Every day brings a new adventure!

So if you would like to join us on our adventure don't forget to book as our 'School Tour Season' is filling up quickly! You can call us on 01-2176130 to make a booking!