It's hard not to love science, from watching seeds grow into plants, or seeing a plane fly in the sky or watching a bubbly explosion cause by vinegar and baking soda, the inner child in me loves the curiosity and the wonder that abound in science. Science is about questions, the what's? the whys? the how's? and also a lot of Wows and that is why we have decided to add more science to our calendar and have introduced a dedicated day to science. Science Saturday will be a multi-disciplinary exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths mixed in with a little Art.

The question you may ask is will my child like the new Science Saturdays and although biased I have to answer with a resounding YES! As a Discover Science Centre a lot of our school programming revolves around STEM. We design programmes for the national Science, Maths and Engineering weeks but we have found that adding elements of Music, Drama and Art helps children understand the complex ideas and concepts that we are teaching them. The Arts help widen the scope of science and makes it applies to all different learning styles and abilities, no longer should science be viewed as a subject in isolation, science is everywhere it connects everything and allows us to appreciate the world around us. This is the philosophy that our Science Saturdays will be founded on, an appreciation of how children learn and what keeps them interested. A "hands-on", multidisciplinary approach to learning that challenges the imagination and allows children to discover at their own pace, that's what our Science Saturday are about. But don't take my word for it come play, learn, discover and imagine at Imaginosity's Science Saturdays.