The Velveteen Rabbit By Margery Williams

(Published in 1922)b2ap3_thumbnail_The_Velveteen_Rabbit.jpg

The Velveteen Rabbit is the story of a little boy’s most-loved toy. Given to him as a Christmas present, the stuffed rabbit did not immediately find a place in the boy’s heart, and battled against the more expensive and fancy toys to be noticed.However, once the little boy grew to love the rabbit, a friendship grew that would only end when a terrible tragedy struck… When the rabbit’s owner contracts Scarlet Fever, all of his toys have to be taken away and burnt to rid the house of the disease.

Looking back, I must have been quite a morbid child!  I loved the book so much my Great Aunt gave me my very own Velveteen Rabbit when I was 7.  He has a top hat, a waistcoat and 1990 embroidered on his paw. Just like the rabbit in the book, he is now a good bit scruffier but no less loved, especially now since my aunt has passed away.  I tried to pass on the tradition to my own nephew by giving him a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit a few Christmases ago – he was a bit small to appreciate it at the time but I hope that someday he will love the story just as much as I do!