Fathers day winner       Kart racing kids
This Father's Day we wanted to make an extra effort to celebrate all those fantastic Dads and Granddads who visit Imaginosity. We always love welcoming these special guys to the museum; whether it's for a morning Wobbler & Toddler visit, a "Granddads Go Free" session on a Tuesday afternoon, or some quality Daddy time on a Saturday morning while Mammy gets a rest! Every Father's Day we offer free entry to Dads and Granddads, but this year we decided to go that little bit further and organise a full day of fun, including Go-Karting on the plaza and a SuperDad tournament during each session!
Our SuperDad tournament was a great success – some Dads entered into the competition reluctantly, encouraged by their enthusiastic kids, while others jumped in feet first to the many challenges ahead of them. We kicked off the tournament with a yoga-brick building competition – the winners of round one were the builders of the top three tallest towers still standing after two minutes!
Round two saw the Dads and their entourages proceed to the Supermarket where they were challenged with finding every item on their shopping list in 90 seconds. All parents are familiar with the task of filling their trollies in a short and stressful amount of time, and the Dads really stepped up the plate in this round (lots of people get chicken confused with beef yeah?).
With just two SuperDads left in the mix, it was down to the Cog Wall to decide who was our first Father's Day Champion. Whoever placed the cogs in the right order to ring the bell in the shortest amount of time were to be crowned SUPERDAD! The tension was palpable, the kids were cheering, the solid plastic "SuperDad" trophy was gleaming in the corner of each Dad's eye. Each Dad had his eye firmly on the prize but eventually Jonathan Connell proved himself as the top Dad, the head honcho, officially a SUPERDAD.

We had SO much fun this Father's Day, thanks to all the Dads who threw themselves full force into the fun – each and every one of you embodied the real meaning of Imaginosity and truly proved yourselves as SuperDads.

See you next year!