Imaginosity's old friend Eco Badger has been with us since we opened our doors back in August 2007. Here he gives us a little insight into what it is like to be a central part of Imaginosity's green activities and a surprising resident in our busy museum for the last 7 years. Eco Badger lives on our Roof time you visit, be sure to take a trip to the roof to say hello. But note that he always heads off into the sunset with his suitcase and suncream once winter begins to set in!

eco  bday cake girl lr

When I first arrived at my new home in the summer of 2007, I was dubious sure. Badger's sets are usually buried beneath the ground – not three stories up, on the roof of a building, located in the middle of an industrial estate. But, as you know back then times were tough, the bottom was falling out of the market and, as I grew older, my sprawling home in Marlay Park was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. And, although much as my relocation was an upheaval for an old badger codger like me, there was something about the Imaginosity roof garden that appealed to me, an oasis in the city for me to live out my days in peace.

Or so I thought.

Nobody warned me about the children, the running, the screaming, the yelling ... and laughter, and FUN! There I was thinking Imaginosity was a standard badger retirement home, and I had no idea it was a children's museum! Every day in the spring and summer months, hundreds of kids would visit me, bang on my window and sit in my house having afternoon tea.

To be honest most of the time I slept through the fun and games, being a nocturnal creature I prefer to roam around at night-time, but occasionally I would be woken up, peek out my window and wink or wave to an unsuspecting boy or girl. Even though I usually snored through their visits, I loved getting up at dusk, stretching my weary bones and waddling out to my house, where I would occasionally find a souvenir from the children's visits. It might be a shiny hairclip or a "superstar sticker", but no matter how small it would make me feel all warm inside, like each child who came to the roof garden was my friend and had invited me to join in all their games!

When winter comes, like all badgers, I jet off to warmer climes – Florida, the Caymans, South Africa; this year I spent 4 months in the South of France. I do love the holidays but every year come March it never bothers me to pack up my old battered suitcase and make the journey home to Ireland and to Imaginosity. I know all the children are waiting eagerly to come and play on the roof garden, and I like to think that maybe they've missed me over the winter and they are excited to say hello to me too. Over my seven years I have watched new children come and go, boys and girls grow up, move from crawling to walking and running. Some of the boys and girls are too big and don't visit me anymore, but that's ok, because there are always new friends, different faces and another game to play.