The unprecedented blistering heat of July had an eerie effect on the floors of Imaginosity.  As the beaches and parks around the country filled fit to burst, an echoing silence overtook the building.  Dust built up on the steps to the building as the mercury rose to historic levels and there was even an unconfirmed sighting of a tumbleweed through the construction zone by a staff member (who admittedly may have been suffering from heat exhaustion.)

Summer camp highlights Summer camp highlights
Summer camp highlights

Until one fateful day in July the silence was broken as our first summer campers burst through the doors!  For eight weeks we explored science, sang our hearts out, built bridges, hunted fairies, chased down bad guys, encountered aliens, danced our socks off, exploded potions, glued things, got messy, got theatrical, played and played and played!

With 8 themed camps, over 200 creative activities, 139 happy campers and 10 absolutely EXHAUSTED facilitators we are confident enough to declare 2013 an extremely successful summer camp season.

And the highlights?

The Little Stars performance of “Hair Spray” was everything from adorable to hilarious. This show had it all:  from homemade beehive wigs, to a performer breaking character and deciding to drive an imaginary “nee naw” through the audience, while all around rocked out to the tunes of the ‘60s.

The kids from Superhero Training Camp left a fantastic legacy of their time here in a phenomenal sprawling cardboard metropolis – now displayed on level 3 as a memento of their week of beating the bad guys and being the best!

In week four we had our first ever case of OVERUSE of imagination thanks to the convincing work of the Elf Hunters and Fairy Finder Facilitators.  On Tuesday morning one of our more eager campers arrived to Imaginosity clinging the hand of her slightly bleary eyed father.  Apparently said Dad’s darling Fairy Finder had him traipsing around Marley Park until all hours the previous evening in search of the little people!

And now it’s September once more, the kids are back at their desks, the trees are losing their leaves and calm has been restored...for now.   We’re already looking forward to the mid-term camp, the fun and surprises it may bring, and the many characters that will come to play.