Little Me

This area is limited to babies who are not yet walking. The soft flooring provides a safe environment for crawlers and wobblers.  Watch the lights changing in the bubble column.  From this space you can also stand beside our low level aquarium, offering our very small visitors a fascinating experience.


  • Take a trolley or basket, take a shopping list and collect your groceries
  • Operate the cash register or restock the shelves
  • Follow the journey of a potato
  • Try to win the food race and learn about healthy eating


  • Listen to the beep as you scan your items at the checkout
  • Discover different smells and aromas in the smell test interactive
  • Investigate the different sizes and shapes of the groceries


  • Even though your child is only an infant, your part in helping them to develop the magic of an imagination at this age, is crucial. Make sounds, use different voices for different characters, point at objects and repeat words, play peek-a-boo, use facial expressions and help them to hold new objects and materials. By exposing them to new experiences, you are helping to spark their brains to forge ‘imagination pathways’ of their own.


The needs of the youngest visitors and their parents are quite different from those of older children. Those needs are best met by providing enriched, safely separate environments specifically in tune with the developmental growth of the very young. Carefully stepped challenges and an atmosphere that encourages babies and toddlers to explore and experiment both respects and nurtures development.

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