Professor Squiggly's Water Lab

Water play provides many opportunities for children to learn maths and science concepts such as experimentation, gravity, physics and engineering. Water play is perfect also for pre-schoolers who love the sensory experience of water. The Water Lab allows children of all ages to work together or independently as they explore the fun of water. The Water Lab is a scheduled activity on our Events Calendar from April through to the end of September, and is weather dependent throughout those times. Water proof aprons are available.


  • Build your own boat and see if it floats or sinks
  • Use different buckets to pour water into the various sized containers
  • Wash the water rush downwards as you pour it into the spout


  • Why do the boats float on the water?
  • See what happens if you place weight on one side of the boat. Does it tip over?
  • Why does the water rush downwards through the spout?


  • Sailing a boat. Where will you sail to?
  • Building your own boat. What materials will you use?
  • Catching a big fish! Will you need help to pull him on to your boat?


Standing at a water play area facilitates the use of fingers, hands, arms and trunk while maintaining overall balance and coordination of the body. Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills such as shoulder stability, forearm rotation, wrist control, and hand grasp-skills needed for future writing are facilitated by water play.

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