The Library

The Imaginosity Library is a quiet corner on Level 1 where visitors can explore a range of books suitable for all ages. The library provides the perfect space for grown-ups and children to explore a new book together or to find an old favourite to read once again. During the early years of a child’s life, we, as parents, are providing our children with lots of different stimuli. Books are the number one educational tool and children, as little as a few months old, they are fascinated by the colours and textures of a book. The importance of books is vital in a child's development, providing a child with valuable vocabulary and images, starting from simple basic words all the way to making sentences and expanding their ‘word bank’.  By sitting and reading with your child, you are enabling their imagination to be stimulated, as you travel to faraway lands and places together on magical, mystical journeys. Children also benefit from books socially as they learn about relationships and emotions. Different types of books offer the child a more wide knowledge and experience and this, in turn can help children be better prepared for school and enhance their curiosity for deeper subjects or abstract ideas.

Imaginosity is very lucky to have partnered with Walker Books who continue to provide and replenish the Imaginosity Library with a wonderful array of educational books and stories for all ages.

What's On

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Opening Hours

Monday: 1.30-5.30pm

Tues - Fri: 9.30-5.30pm

Sat & Sun: 10.00-6.00pm

Bank Holidays: 9.30-5.30pm

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