The Supermarket & Butchers

The supermarket is a realistic, child-sized supermarket full of tasty and  healthy foods.  Grab a trolly and a shopping list or put on a uniform and become the store manager or a baker. Put on an apron and man the checkout.  Learn about the journey of food from the ground to our shelves! take part in an interactive food race, or test your sense of smell at the smelling station.

The butcher's counter is stocked with a variety of different meats. Put on an apron and learn about how meat is prepared for cooking. Turn the chicken on the rotisserie, weigh your meats, organise the display case or snap together the sausages.


  • Take a trolley or basket, take a shopping list and collect your groceries
  • Operate the cash register or restock the shelves
  • Follow the journey of a potato
  • Try to win the food race and learn about healthy eating
  • Hang up the pretend sausages


  • Listen to the beep as you scan your items at the checkout
  • Discover different smells and aromas in the smell test interactive
  • Investigate the different sizes and shapes of the groceries
  • Turn the rotisserie and the meat grinder


  • Try on a costume and become the shop manager
  • You are a mum or dad — what will you need to buy for dinner for your children?
  • You are the shop manager — you and your employees must restock the shelves with food for your customers—how quickly can you do this?
  • You are having a big barbeque for all you friends. What meat do you need to order from the butcher?


Shopping with children is a great way to teach basic maths skills. Like the diner, it helps children learn concepts such as sorting and classification. It encourages them to use basic counting, i.e. we need three lemons and 2 oranges. Filling up their trolley or baskets with different sized food and drink helps in the development of fine motor skills.

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