Rules Of Play

Imaginosity Rules Of Play

in order that all visitors enjoy their time at Imaginosity, we have a number of 'Rules of Play' that are based on safety, common sense & courtesy to other visitors and to Imaginosity Staff.

We have 6 'Rules of Play'

  1. Parents are encouraged to play and engage with their children and are obliged to stay with them at all times. If using the café you MUST take your children with you.  Please note that a visit to the cafe (during 'timed-ticketing sessions') must be included within your two hour session time. A visit to the cafe cannot happen before or after your session time.
  2. Running is not permitted on the floors. This is for the benefit of smaller visitors who may get knocked over.
  3. Exhibit components MUST be returned to the creative environment where they belong. This is to ensure that all visitors have equal access and as wonderful an experience as your child. Toys out of place are also a trip hazard. We encourage helpfulness and co-operation – if your child is too small to understand it is up to you to show them how!
  4. No eating or drinking is permitted on the museum floor. Not only is this for hygiene reasons but, also, many children suffer with food allergies – stray crumbs could prove to be more dangerous than they appear.
  5. Shoes must be worn at all times. We do not want children's feet to be stood on or shoes to be lost.
  6. If children attend Art or Theatre workshops in the Museum parents are expected to accompany them – it is at the discretion of the facilitator whether or not the child can be left alone.

Please note that only birthday parties/groups booked through the office will be granted entry to Imaginosity, any unofficial parties/groups will be turned away at the door.